Driving Participation

Our generation makes up the country’s biggest voting bloc. That means, when we show up, we shape our democracy. And across Colorado, young people are doing exactly that. We have some of the highest young voter turnout rates in the country. This is how we’re building power—choosing leaders, passing or rejecting ballot measures, and creating the future we deserve one vote at a time.

Colorado has some of the most powerful young voters in the country—and it’s no fluke that young people here have solidified ourselves as a decisive constituency. Since our start, we’ve been organizing our peers and communities to make voting accessible and fun. From the day ballots hit mailboxes through election day, catch us on all over the state getting out the vote, whether by foot or golf cart, making sure we mobilize every. last. voter. But making sure they turnout is only part of the equation. We make sure they have answers to any and all questions, and we distribute voter guides to connect the dots between issues they care about and the candidates and measures on their ballot.

The results of all of this work are clear. Voters we engage turnout at rates as high as 82% in Presidential elections.The help we provide means they can cast their ballot feeling more confident and better informed—and that launches a lifelong voting habit. Not to mention that we stick with our voters, sending out texts and emails every election to make sure they have everything they need to continue voting and building power. We set our diverse, progressive generation up to make change, and they knock it out of the park.