Shaking things up & driving change

Young people have so much at stake in our politics and our democracy. We’re not “waiting our turn” to lead—the time is now. 

New Era Colorado Action Fund is building youth political power across Colorado. We organize our generation to fight for what matters, we mobilize our peers to show our strength at the ballot box, and we educate our communities about the fights to come. It’s our future at stake, which is why young people need to be the ones calling the shots.

Our peer-to-peer political organizing reaches across the state, builds enduring power, and gets results. Our work takes many forms: we lobby our elected officials to pass policies impacting our generation, we organize to win some of the most important fights in our state, and we educate our peers about where candidates stand on the issues that impact us or what the ballot measures we’re voting on actually mean.

Forward, together

Our democracy is a work in progress—but we have to acknowledge the ways that marginalized communities are systematically disenfranchised in our country—yes, to this day. People of color have historically faced and continue to face barriers to voting—yesterday’s poll taxes are today’s voter access restrictions, whether it’s through removing polling places in predominantly Black and Brown communities, or active disinformation campaigns targeting those same voters.

Voters who are queer, trans, disabled, low-income, or any/all of the above are also targeted by a web of voter suppression efforts. Building political power for our generation, the most diverse in history, requires tearing down these barriers and centering the voices of those with the most at stake in our democracy.

Our mission demands an equitable approach, so we’re working to make it core to every part of our work. We can better serve our generation by making sure we all have a place in our democracy.

And now for the legal jargon: New Era Colorado Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization. It is affiliated with New Era Colorado Foundation. They’re good people too. Good, glad we got that cleared up.