Educating Voters

Knowledge is power. That’s what our voter guide is all about: it’s rigorously researched yet easy-to-use, giving young people the knowledge they need to make informed decisions in all elections whether you’re a first-time voter or electoral veteran.

The voter guide simplifies a long, complicated ballot by breaking decisions down to the issues young people care about—cutting straight to the point. We explain the purpose of each elected office on the ballot and compare candidates on issues that matter most to our generation. This analysis makes it easier for young people to identify the candidates that align with their values—and, as a result, increasing down-ballot voting. For ballot measures,  we describe the measure in just a few sentences, recommend how to vote, and list relevant organizations and individuals who agree.

We’ve distributed over 750,000 voter guides across the state (as well as driving thousands of visits to our Voter Guide website). That translates to hundreds of thousands of better-informed, more confident young people casting their ballots. Our scope of distribution stretches from Denver to the Western Slope, Greeley to Colorado Springs.

There’s no limit to what a movement of informed, engaged young people can accomplish. We can make Colorado a paragon of inclusive democracy for the rest of the country to follow.