2024 Election / Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New Era Colorado Action Fund Endorses Three State Primary Candidates

April 24, 2024
New Era CO AF's endorsed candidates in the 2024 primary election

First endorsements in 12 years mark new chapter in youth political power

DENVER, CO—Today, New Era Colorado Action Fund announced its endorsement of three candidates running in the June 25 primary election for state legislature. The organization endorsed Tim Hernández for House District 4, Yara Zokaie for House District 52, and Obi Ezeadi for Senate District 19. New Era Colorado Action Fund last made public endorsements in 2012, but announced this year the launch of a Small Donor Committee and Independent Expenditure Committee to elect more Youth Agenda Champions to state and local offices.

Despite record youth turnout in the last three national elections, meaningful progress has stalled on the Youth Agenda platform. New Era Colorado Action Fund is seeking to win primary and general election seats at the state and local level to improve the chances of passing priority legislation by electing Youth Agenda champions who are fully committed to the Youth Agenda and collaboration with the organization.

“All three of these candidates have shown a lifelong commitment to empowering youth voices and authentically representing marginalized communities who have long been shut out of the political process. Throughout the endorsement process, they all showed a deep and personal commitment to New Era’s values, policy agenda, and a spirit of co-governance with young people at the state legislature. We are proud to support their campaigns and look forward to working with them once elected to pass the policies our generation deserves.” – Nicole Hensel, Executive Director, New Era Colorado Action Fund

The New Era Colorado Action Fund Small Donor Committee will make sizable financial contributions to these campaigns and support candidates directly with in-kind campaign consultation. The Young People, For All People Independent Expenditure Committee will mobilize young voters to elect the three Youth Agenda Champions in the June 25 state primary election. Young voters make up anywhere from 28 percent to 43 percent of the vote share in these districts and will be critical to winning these races.

“Love is the sum of the law, and with this endorsement from New Era Colorado Action Fund we have a call to action to energize and mobilize the youth of our community. As a first-generation American and political outsider, I’m committed to lifting up the American dream. We’re transcending partisanship to focus on crucial issues like fully-funding our schools, and addressing affordability in housing, student loans, and healthcare, ensuring everyone can take care of themselves and the people they love. In these final weeks, I call on all young people to lead the change you want to see—volunteer for our campaign and vote for me, ensuring your choices and voices shape our future.“ – Obi Ezeadi, Candidate for Colorado Senate District 19

New Era Colorado Action Fund will announce endorsements of additional Youth Agenda champions in the general election by early September.

About New Era Colorado: New Era Colorado Action Fund is a grassroots nonprofit that harnesses young people’s political power to co-create a Colorado that serves all of us.